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I picked up my new bike this evening after work and let me just say... AWESOME!

The Versys is everything I wanted in a bike and more... it's sooooo smooth, it made me feel like a pro!

I picked up the bike at State8, down near Cuyahoga Falls and had to ride it home (about 30 miles) to the Cleveland area. Rather then take the highway, I took St. Rt. 91 which runs right to my house. 91 makes for a nice ride... it's hilly, there are some nice curves, but nothing too crazy and the scenery is pretty nice. It was also great practice because it give you a bit of everything traffic-wise... 2 lane, 4 lane... through Twinsburg's town center out in to the country.

My wife was fully impress with my skills (she followed me in the car) and said that she can't believe that the BRC would make me look that good on a bike (I did impress myself...on a scale of 1-10 I'd give myself an 8... I need to work on my throttle control a bit... but hey, it's a new bike!)

No pictures yet, but I will get some by the weekend.

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