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Had my first decent (100+mile) ride yesterday, can't say I have any complaints with the bike! I am very pleased with my purchase and can see I'm gonna have alot of fun with this thing, alot!

Others complain of vibes, but I guess that is all what you are used to. Cause compared to my dirt bikes and dual sports this thing is smooth as silk! I can also see very well out of the stock mirrors which seems to be another common complaint. And to address the seat - it feels pretty sweet to my butt, but then again I'm pretty comfortable on a hard Husqvarna seat, which is still 10 times better than the 2X4 they call a seat on my old KTM LC4 640. Obviously longer rides will be needed for a complete review, but first impressions felt just fine.

I added grip heaters right away, as I run them on my Husky and absolutely love them. They were much appreciated yesterday on the V. Also did the poor mans extenda fender and rear splash guard. Both held up fine on the first test run and seem to work as expected. (seen some splash from wet spots from melting snow)

Still lots of cinders on the roads and still in break-in, but looking forward to stretching her legs soon. First half tank of fuel netted 50 mpg. Was hoping for a bit more - it may get better after break-in or it may get worse with faster/more throttle twisting.

All is good! Next step is to pick up some soft luggage to get it ready for some spring road trip/camping runs.

It's supposed to be almost 40* today, looks like another V ride is instore. Still too much snow on the ground for the Husky.

Enjoy, Mike
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