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The fast idle is not working when starting the bike even when cold.The fan is always on regardless of temps..I think there is a problem causing both issues.Maybe a temperture sensor?Thanks for any help.

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Does your FI lamp flash or stay on?

Water Temperature Sensor (Service Code 14)

Water Temperature Sensor Removal/Installation
Never drop the sensor, especially on a hard surface. Such a shock to the sensor can damage it.
•Drain the coolant (see Coolant Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).
•Disconnect the sensor connector [A], and unscrew the water temperature sensor .
Torque - Water Temperature Sensor: 12 N·m(1.2 kgf·m, 106 in·lb)
•Apply grease to new O-ring on the water temperature sensor.
•Fill the engine with coolant and bleed the air from the cooling system (see Coolant Change in the Periodic Maintenance chapter).

Water Temperature Sensor Output Voltage
○Be sure the battery is fully charged.
○The output voltage changes according to the coolant temperature in the engine.
•Remove the ECU (see ECU Removal).
○Do not disconnect the connectors.
•Connect a digital meter [A] to the ECU connector with the needle adapter set.
Special Tool - Needle Adapter Set: 57001-1457
Water Temperature Sensor Output Voltage Connections to ECU Connector
Meter (+) → O lead (terminal 20)
Meter (–) → BR/BK lead (terminal 28)
•Measure the output voltage with the engine stopped and the connector joined.
•Turn the ignition switch ON.
Output Voltage at ECU
Standard: About 2.80 ∼ 2.97 V at 20°C (68°F)
•Turn the ignition switch OFF.
If the output voltage is within the standard, check the ECU for its ground, and power supply (see ECU Power Supply Inspection).
If the ground and power supply are good, replace the ECU (see ECU Removal/Installation).
If the output voltage is out of the standard, check the wiring.
If the wiring is good, check the water temperature sensor resistance (see Water Temperature Sensor Resistance Inspection).

Water Temperature Sensor Inspection
•Remove the water temperature sensor.
•Suspend the sensor [A] in a container of coolant so that the threaded portion is submerged.
•Suspend an accurate thermometer with temperature sensing portions [C] located in almost the same depth.
○The sensor and thermometer must not touch the container side or bottom.
•Place the container over a source of heat and gradually
raise the temperature of the coolant while stirring the coolant gently.
•Using the hand tester, measure the internal resistance of the sensor. If the hand tester does not show the specified values, replace the sensor.

Water Temperature Sensor Resistance
Temperature Resistance (kΩ)
–20°C (–4°F) *18.80 ±2.37
0°C (32°F) *(About 6.544)
40°C (104°F) 1.136 ±0.095
100°C (212°F) 0.1553 ±0.0070
*: Reference Information

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Wow Invader

Hope you get paid for that well of information

At the very least, we will have to enthrone you in the V hall of fame !

Good tech supportf !!!


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My problems are solved for now.I took off the tank and air box. I unconnected and reconnected all connectors.The problem is intermittent or one of my connections was bad.Thanks for the excellent response from Invader.Have a great day.

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