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I am suspecting ECU problems as my fan is always on (another thread) and gearing up to buy a new ECU. If I have to buy a new one it opens the door to other choices

Versys ECU ignition timing ranges from 10° BTDC @ 1300 rpm, to 33° BTDC @ 5000+ rpm.

ER-6 ECU ignition timing from 10° BTDC @ 1300 rpm, to 35° BTDC @ 4800+ rpm.

Other Kawi plug and play ECU's???

I have a Power Commander 5 and can Autotune after the ECU swap so the fuel can be adjusted easily for a new ECU

Engine is stock now but I am mulling over pulling the head to increase the compression.

Any performance to be gained with the ER6 ECU in both stock and higher compression guises. I would expect a bit more at higher RPM but I do not know the curve showing where and how the advance comes in.
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