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this is the third posting for this article..TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT...the kind of lies the email in question mentioned should not be allowed to prosper...


I was once asked by someone if I knew what gullible meant...if you fell for the email in the story..if you posted it anywhere..told a friend about it..you are GULLIBLE...Guess who I think fell for that story?? hello "hey do YOU know what gullible means" question guy...


SHAME ON THOSE USING ED FREEDMAN FOR THEIR POLITICAL GAIN WITH LIES...AMERICAN HEROS as right wing fodder..geeze what next?? how LOW can you go?? from Michael Jackson to Trayvon Martin..throw in Whitney Houston..funny ALL black people gettin' THAT attention...joining that chorus are you?? NO SHAME..never..nope...
OMG people from "around the world" are falling for this crap...what are they feeding them out there?? Mutton??
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