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interesting ..stock was better than the booster plug doesnt surprise me tbo ..it did become a bit vague at the end but from what i could see on the board it was58.2 booster 60.67 stock and from what i could read 61.25 hp after the reflash ..like less than one horspower difference from stock .
ive often been puzzled about reports of bad on off fueling as the two vs ive had are absalutly fine ?
it would be nice if i have misread this ..have i ?
but it does seem a lot of hassle for maby one horspower .that may well be half the story as theres zip feedback from the owner which is a shame as the lower throttle responce may be better but we kinda dont know
all in all based on whats in the video if really wanted a significantly faster bike it would make sense just to go and buy one
1 - 1 of 18 Posts