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I left EARLY yesterday morning with the intentions of being home before Ma Nature’s furnace kicked on. However, running all byways and backways, 14 hours, 2 fill-ups, crossing 4 main east/west arteries, traversing 2 national forests and 4 major watersheds plus a truckload of mountain ridges later, I found my way back to the farm.

Elevation and my HyperKewl vest combined with the cool waters of Laurel Fork and the roadside mountain spring atop Cheat, made the temperatures fairly tolerable. Afternoon thunderstorms threatened with each mountain crossing, but I luckily managed to remain relatively dry.

Many thanks to M. Crowder and his mountain cur Boots for the opportunity to swap hunting tales and especially for the advice on the route to Glady from Laurel Fork. That ol’ Boots is one fine hound there M and he has you well trained!

I’m sure y’all get kinda tired of seeing this drivel posted so often; but this one ain’t half bad if I did do it...
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