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Yesterday's forecast was reasonable, so I suited-up and rode out about 0900 to water my wife's garden-plot, then headed S from THERE around 1000.

The road was generally clear of vehicles (tho' I DID have to pass several) and I got down to enjoying the twisties which accounts for the lack of pics for MOST of the ride! Near the village of Westbridge riding in a strong wind I thought I was seeing smoke ahead, so I had concerns about a forest fire, but as I entered the "smoke" I realized that it was tree pollen, then decided I'd 'photo-it' on the ride N, later on. Which didn't happen, as the wind/ pollen mix was gone later...!

I got to the Park, rode in to my usual "Day Use ONLY" part, only to be greeted w/ a "NO ENTRY" sign. I parked nearby, then grabbed my lunch and walked in on the old Kettle Valley R/R right-of-way to the Kettle River. It is running high

IMG_0570 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

IMG_0571 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

so I sat at my "usual" picnic table for lunch.

IMG_0572 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

After that I walked down the path that I USUALLY ride in from the parking area on, only to notice a reflection ahead which I took a pic of. OBVIOUSLY it's flooding!

IMG_0573 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

Here's that picnic bench from the R/R trestle, in the rear, w/ a VERY old telephone pole in the foreground.

IMG_0574 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

IMG_0575 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

I mounted-up, then retraced the route N, this time stopping for a pic of a car that had gone off the road, thru a fence (since repaired), but the car still there.

IMG_0576 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

I expect that it happened over the winter....

I stopped to fill-up, and the ODO mileage was possibly the HIGHEST at which I'd ever 'gassed-up' - 480.1 kms (298.3 miles)! Here are the ODO and gas pump pics:

IMG_0577 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

IMG_0578 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

That works out to 25.04km/L; 70.63 mpgImperial; or 56.5 mpgUS - not TOO bad for a ride full of twisties, with MOST curves marked at 50 km/h, 60 km/h or 70 km/h. [The speed limit is MOSTLY 90 km/h, and I don't recall being LOWER than 75 km/h on any of them!]

Arrived home at 2:51PM, the 'ride' (including the garden watering) coming to 305.8 kms over just under FIVE hours from leaving the garden!

Additionally - it began raining just as I put the GREEN HORNET TOO into the garage.


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Love that part of the country. Last year this time we rode over that bridge I think on our loaded up mountain trail bikes doing the KVR from Midway to Penticton and the weather was iffy as well. Hot and sunny first day down low, beautiful .Day 2 we gradually got some elevation and it started to rain in the afternoon. Became a very cold rain as we progressed and we suffered camping that night around Mcculloch lakes as it is surprisingly high and was close to snow. Didnt think of that elevation on the "Kettle Valley"! Next day over the amazing trestles and tunnels and Myra canyon and got a room at Chute lake lodge with their main room fireplace, highly appreciated. Day 3 down to sunny Penticton. Coudnt believe I've lived in BC so long and never seen the amazing engineering getting that rail line through Myra canyon.
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