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People eat too much red meat. Drink too much liquor. Smoking leads to cancer. People kill with GUNS...also with knives, poison, cars, food, ropes, hate, and even in the name of religion.

People can be cruel. Some people THINK they have all the answers. Smart people know better than to believe everything you read, write, or speak as absolute truth.

Some people think riding motorcycles is dangerous. Some people think all motorcyclists should wear helmets. They might be right but so what, it's my head to lose.

Some people are too rich, too poor, too lazy, too fat, too ugly, too self-centered, talk too much........:forgetit:

Let's just ride. Ride and avoid people's insecurities and be in a cacophony of exhaust fumes, fresh air, and a free spirit for a little while. :cheers:

In 100 years from now we'll all be gone....no more points to be made, no idea who won what, said what or did what. Just ride.
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