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Some folks have been talking about using the Autoswitch product to integrate a garage door opener onto their bikes. Here is a DIY alternative that will do basically the same thing.

Reference - I basically just copied the steps from this link. Good pictures and more detail available there.

Materials Needed
  • Basic soldering supplies and equipment
  • Short length of red wire
  • Short length of green wire
  • Posi-tap connector

Time required - about 1 hour

Disassemble your garage remote. Obviously this step will be a little different for each different remote model, but the basics will be the same. Most remotes are made of a plastic shell that encases a circuit board. Under the main button is a small button module on the board. This will have 4 soldered connections around it.

These 3 pictures show the progress disassembly of my remote:

Once you've got the opener stripped down, you need to figure out which of the 4 soldered connection around the push button actually actuate the door. This is easily done by trial-and-error.

Take a small piece of wire and strip both ends. This will serve as a jumper between any two of the solder points. With the battery in place, stand in the garage and position the jumper between each pair of solder points. Once the door actuates, you've got your jumper points. Solder the jumper between these two points. It will look something like this:

At this point you have hardwired the remote so that if it gets power at all, it will actuate the door. BTW, hopefully you've already remove the battery are your door is probably going crazy on you at this point. :)

Next, solder the red wire to the positive battery terminal and the green wire to the negative terminal. It will look like this:

Then, place the board into a ziplock bags and tape the crap out of it. I took the picture before the final sealing step, but my plan is to use some Plasti-Dip to form a seal around the taped portion.

I don't have pictures for the final steps, but they are very straightforward.

Using a posi-tap connector, or other similar approach, wire the red wire into the hot lead going to the bright headlight. I think this wire is Red/Black. If you don't want to use the high-beam circuit, you can use any 12V circuit on the bike. For example, you can wire into the brake lights so that all you have to do is tap your brake as you approach your house and your garage door will open. You can use your turn signals to do the same thing. I chose the high-beam circuit because it's used seldomly enough that I won't be constantly sending juice through the opener but with the flash-to-pass button it will be easy to give a flash and have the door open.

Connect the green wire from the remote to a ground point on the bike. It's sometimes hard to find a good ground, so it's best to find where some other stuff is grounded and connect there.

After that, you're done. Any time the high-beam gets juice, the garage door opener will also get juice. Obviously that will happen a lot when you're not near your door, but no harm done. When you do flash your brights near your house, your garage door will open.
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