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Winter and low temperatures keep avoiding me to ride, so I keep doing, and buying, home made stuff. First I made a rear bike stand, just before someone here posted a stand with reverse use, the one with only one handle. So for now I'll go with it as it is, and probably in a near future I'll adapt the rear one to the front and make a new and sturdy one to the rear with only one handle.
So, after some welding, no bending since I don't have that device, I finished the stand. The major isue was that I used spare pieces of metal that I had, so it's kinda NOT sturdy... next time will buy better gauge irons. Anyway it does work and for the ocassionaly use (changing tires) it will do.
The hugger is home made by some guy in Buenos Aires (1000 miles away) from fiberglass and some other stuff. Really cheap for Argentina, about U$S30, no finishing paint included. Needed some fitting adjustments, making holes, bending with heat gun, but well for that price I was already suspecting all that. Anyway, it will accomplish the task, and is really sturdy.
Some pics

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