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There are many places in our country to ride and have fun ,one of my all time favorite locals is South East Ohio.For me its a correct mix of turns,scenery,and intresting stuff ,that keeps me returning again and again.i am not going to bore you with every road number or turn ,I'll give you a outline of what I did ,some of the sights and enough of a taste to make you want to try it once.
I started my ride at a early 7am,cool weather at this point,and low traffic was my goal to get out of Dodge .I wandered to Ohio via a bunch of local back roads using Pa 551 and area as the base to head into Ohio,working Ohio 170 and then a mix of State and county roads I was able to Head south along the Ohio river without using rt7 a 4 lane semi-superslab.Once South of Stubenville ,the fun began in Ernest.
Cutting across 150 I turned and burned to US 250,250Has a reputation In the West Virginia section of being one of the best roads around,the section from the Ohio river west to Cadiz Ohio is no slouch folks ,low traffic and big grins,to 519 a hidden gem.take this road all the way to Us 22 and you will smile,I ride these often as part of my "local loop". I Ran 800 south from Us22,its always a fun ride and it has enough turns to satisfy,the section after the rt26 intersection to the river is the very best part so do it if you can.I opted to turn onto 26 for some Covered bridge viewing.A word of warning the top half of 26 is in bad shape,although it was NBD on my Versys ,I would have HATED it on my Triumph,it gets smooth a mile or two after the Rt537 intersection,then its clean smooth sailing.
On rt26 which is The National Covered Bridge Scenic Byway in case you don't know,I stopped at a few of the 10 bridges you can visit if you ride that road. First off the oldest

next the one that has been rebuilt the most times

next one of the ones you can ride across

Stopping In Marietta I fueled , took a cool break (after 229miles) and got ready for the next section.
taking 676 out of Marietta I headed west,its a fun road,and freshly paved nearly all the way to Rt792.
792, :) :)Ahhh 792 a rollercoaster of a road,up,down ,and around,with good sightlines,don't like this road,you must be dead or a non motorcyclist.I turned on 266 and stopped in Stockport and looked at the old mill which is a decent restaurant BTW. The Dam has locks as it used to have quite a bit of river travel and trade on it,check these baby's out.
About the mill

A view of the dam locks and my Versys

A look down the river

A closeup of the lock doors,note they are all wood and each is a little over 10 feet wide and about 22 feet high.

Want to lock your boat,you better be in shape!

A view of the mill/restaurant

After my visit to history, i returned to riding some tasty treats,266 is big fun ,scenic and great surface wise. And you will see a lot of these signs along the way

I wandered north hitting some more covered bridge sites,and discovered than my camera battery was DOA,and dumbass jack forgot the spare :mad2: so sorry no more pictures after this. :eek:
And there were 5 more bridges to post,guess I will have to "force" myself to ride this again :lol:
Running north on a mix of roads 83,146,566 to 313 I enjoyed great senery and pleasent twistys,313 which runs alongSeneca lake offers some great twists and great views.
I Stopped in East Liverpool,for a drink in 97 degree heat,it was getting late so i shortened a bit of my route and went home,totaling the day at 467miles when I arrived home at 7:59 pm. A great day on a wonderful little machine.

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Great Pictures

Thanks for posting your great pictures. I enjoy seeing
places that I have never seen before. Trying to make a list of
the epic rides, (bucket list) I would love to include this ride.
This ride looks great, I love the back roads, roads less
Thanks again for your post.

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Nice pics....I was just in Stockport, and McConnellsville yesterday. I ride in that area a lot. My favorite area in southeast Ohio is around Woodsfiels, Beallsville, Fly all great roads. 536,78, 556, 800, 146, 148, 145, 7, 146
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