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Went out for another good long ride again today, this time with my buddy and his R-1. Same trip as my last post, but in reverse, got a few good shots, and had a damn good time!!! Some rules were bent, some peg feeler was ground away, and limits of traction on my excellent new tires was discovered!!! Bit hairy, that was!!! And at the end of the day, strange lights were flashing at us, confused and looking around to figure out where the pale white lights were coming from...My bike freaking out, my buddy flashing the car in front of us...no, aliens? :huh: Look up for the aliens, oh ****, Ghetto bird letting us know they did not approve of our anti-social behaviour...Hearts in stomach, we putter on looking for the interception, but as soon as we saw the bird, he turned his spot from us and went on to other things!!! He must have had a good chuckle at our sheer confusion, looking around like idiots!!! LOL!!!Cheers to the local constabulary for the warning only!!! :thumb: Here's some more pics...
Fukken cheers,


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