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Coming home from work last night i was stopped at the last set of lights before home. The road dog legs at the intersection which means most of the traffic opposite can't see what is coming towards them (and vice versa!).

I got the green light and gave it a slight squirt to be riding ahead of the pack of cars. As i came around the queue of cars opposite, a car just down the line pulledd out across double yellow lines accelerating straight towards me in my lane!

i guessed what he was doing and swerved towards his lane and slammed on the brakes, the car kept going past me at a relative speed around 80km/h and swerved into a driveway on my side of the road.

Chances are he was heading to the local gym where there is no acess from that direction. I have done the same move but only early in the morning when there is no traffic and daylight.

The moral is simple I guess - you must always be alert and expect the unexpected. In this case the car driver was not expecting the acceleration of a bike and thought he had time to sneak in his move.

I lived to tell the tale :)
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