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My morning commute consists of riding on a three lane highway (route 28) for approximately .9 miles. There is one merge point between where I get on and get off. I was riding in the far right lane as I'm on the road for such a short time at 65 mph with the flow of traffic. The one merge ramp I pass is a long, flat ramp without any sharp curves, it's essentially a 50 yard road that joins gradually to the highway. A vehicle approached me from the rear right
while merging, when I finally saw him I can only guess he was in excess of 75-80 mph. He was probably looking over his shoulder to the left and didn't
realize how quickly he was closing on me, or simply didn't see me when he
began to look to merge.

I never saw him until he was on top of me. When he finally braked his left front fender was less then a foot from my right leg. I could've stepped off my bike and on to the hood of his car. The margin for error here has not escaped me. Had he braked even a fraction of a second later I could be dead right now. Anyway, keep your heads up out there guys. I commute every day rain or shine and it's easy to get lazy. I'm very thankful for this wakeup call and will be more vigilant in my awareness.

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