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This has come up a number of times. Somewhere on this site I have responded at least 15 times, some in PM and some within threads posted by members unable to post, many times it is a problem on the user end, I have included a second response about the forum skin within this post. This is from Staff, which is meant solely for us Super Moderators, rather than start over, I have copied it and removed some private information.

You can locate the skin changer at the bottom left of the page.
It is a drop down menu and should state the current skin you have active.
Mine is Kawasakiversys.com (Full-Light).

When you guys attempt this, have you cleared your browsers cache and cookies recently?
Give that a shot, and let us know if that helps out.

[url said:

Then after logging in:
Hey there

Were you able to find the skin version you are using? See our above post for information on that.

Also try the cache and cookies clear. To do that on Chrome, navigate away from this site, then click the 3 dots icon to the right of the address bar, open Settings. Go to History on the left side, the button Clear Browsing Data will be on top. A new window will open with several options. The first four are the ones you want selected.

Skin changer is full light, I still get a unresponsive script, either replying or quoting, I have unchecked hardware acceleration in FireFox, which allows me to post within 20 to 30 seconds, the faster way was to hit quick reply, go advanced then post about 6 seconds total.Every time I leave all cookies and cache cleared, I have tried other things like disabling script, problem is the top tool bar with bold, italiics, underline, etc. doesn't show, also the emoji don't load.

As to Chrome, impossible unless you are willing to wait 3 or 4 minutes and keep clicking on wait to unresponsive script, basically locks up the whole computer similar to a memory leak. Only way I can post using Chrome is Quick reply then go advanced so I can have a subject displayed.

I have said this many times before, this all started around the time of the password upgrade, and it is not just my computers (2 of them windows 7 and windows 10) I have had someone with a gaming computer try, different IP address , with the same results.
There is a thread that was started on this a while ago. We responded in that thread, and no one replied back. This usually means the issue is resolved. If it is still an issue, please don't hijack other member's support threads. Respond in the appropriate thread, here: https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/8-verticalscope-forum-support-help-kawasakiversys-com/114601-unresponsive-script-message.html.

This thread will be to help the OP with the login errors. If you are experiencing the login errors as well, please add the information specific to that issue in this thread.
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