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Scotch Road Ride

I was waiting for the perfect day to explore an unpaved road that I heard a lot about and which is not too far from home. That day was yesterday: sunny, about 20 degres celcius, not a cloud in sight.

So I headed to "Scotch" road which is about 15 miles from home. I would have a lot to say about how much fun I had, but pictures are worth a thousand words.

So here they are:

The entrance. Looks promising.

A little pit stop and refueling.

Quickly fell right in the middle of nature at lake Ogilvy

Discovered this pit. Hmmm, wondering if the V can do it? ...

...at least some of it! Here a picture from the little hill on the other side. May be next time will push it a little higher.

And looking on the other side of the hill, found this nice trail that was going further in the wood. May be on my next ride to this place. Anyone interested?

Already the end of the road:( ...

Going back in for some more pics...

A portion of the road that was a little more technical.

A little more tricker here... (there were much more tough parts of the road that I needed to stand on the bike to go across, could not possibly take pics)

Back to the pit, 3 guys apparently having lot of fun!
No Video

Another road to explore someday.

This was by far the most entertaining ride I made since I ride a motorcycle. Can't wait to go back exploring:)
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