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Hey Charlotte riders , I gotta young pal just moved to your area . He is quite intimidated being in a much busier area on a bike and he needs some street riding pals .
Lot's of you city DS'er sorts also have street bikes and I would really appreciate if you were up to an adopt a young rider sort of thing . He has asked me to post in here to get him some help .
He is pretty nervous over there with all things being new and quite skiddish . It sort of makes me laugh to hear him actually asking for help for a change but he REALLY is counting on me to find him a more experienced street rider to buddy up .
To tell you the truth , I think reality is setting in on him and it will do him some good , but he is truly despondent about the riding there without someone to show him around . He is somewhat of a new rider so that ought to tell you where he is with it .
If someone would be ever so kind and helpful , you would probaly end up with a real good pal and riding bud . LOL/LOL

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