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ChainBath-a new chain cleaning device and method

How many here like to clean their chain?
I’m not one. For years I did it only when it was absolutely necessary.. or even after that.

What’s to like?
Put the bike on the stand, use a lot of cardboard, spray the cleaner all over, get your hands dirty, make a mess, clean everything after, and… sometimes the cleaner doesn’t even clean everything (spray doesn’t cover all the chain, and at least 50% is wasted)
Or… even worse on the road, when you don’t have a stand: spray the chain with solution (that goes everywhere but on the chain), move the bike a little bit, bend again to spray the chain, and the repeat until you (think) you covered all the length. But not all around the chain.

What do you need to clean? Well, the links rotate one around the other and the movement is just around the rubber seal (O-Ring or X-Ring or something else). The pin is fixed on the outside link, riveted, and is free to move inside the bushing on the inside link. The inside link rotates around the pin.
Cleaning the outside link, it looks great!! But it doesn’t help the chain. If the chain is in good condition, the rubber seal keeps the grease inside (it’s a sealed chain), around the pin, between the 2 outside links, inside the bushing on the inside link, protected by the rubber seals. So you don’t need to lube it (let the flames begin ;) )

But it helps keep it in good condition if the rubber seal is cleaned and kept wet, not dry and the dust particles are removed between the links.
I tried an oiler, and played with it for a while, and even though the chain was in better condition than not doing anything… I didn’t like the whole mess it was doing…. I threw it away.

Came back to cleaning… different methods: without a stand, with a stand, cardboard, replaced with a plastic sheet, a plastic tray to collect the excess… It was better, but still a lot of mess and work.
I realized that the best method would be to completely submerge the chain in solution… but it is impossible without taking it OFF the bike… and I definitively don’t want to do that.
So, being lazy and inventor… I started to look into it.

Here is the solution I designed, the ChainBath, and the advantages it needs to have:
-easy setup
-less than 5 min from beginning to end
-easy use (just move the bike or the wheel)
-chain completely submerged
-no mess (hands clean after using it)
-no spills in the environment
-no cardboard, rugs, etc
-reduces the fuel consumption
-reduces cleaner quantity and waste
-easier and faster means that people will do it more often
-increases the life of the chain

I designed a device that creates a “bath” of cleaning solution in which the chain passes and is completely submerged. I attached a tray that collects the drips from the chain and drains them back into the device, so there is no mess.
I made 2 prototypes, I think it works great; I attached a few photos to show before and after, without any brush, and at the end with a brush.
My chain has 35 000 km, original.

Here is a link that shows how it works, on the road, without a stand, and another one on a stand.


I feel the bike lighter after cleaning, and I’ve seen a reduction in fuel consumption and the noise level.
I was able to “unfreeze” some links also.

I made a Utility Patent Application and I want to bring this to the market also, to help people have a better solution for the worst maintenance job on the bike: cleaning the chain.

This is not an advertising, I get no money out of this for now, but I'm looking for a manufacturer to license this. When it will be on the market, I'll let you know (no links ;) )


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For those interested in this or wish to comment go to this thread:


FYI this is a long time member who has invented other things or made modifications, I understand the enthusiasm and wish to support his inventiveness, however at the same time I need to be cautious as once on the net it is hard to remove, this site thrives by means of advertising. So I have given this thought, by closing the anyone can view threads and placing that link, if there is interest from outside and a non member, they may join to view further, at the same time the various search engines will be restricted to the closed thread.
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