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09 v650
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My v650 sits outside under a tarp iffins I'm not riding it. Winter time it's in a shop with my other non winter equipment.
My chain had a bit of rust forming or so I thought. I took the dollar store kit I have for washing and lubing chains etc. (I used to build bicycles.. As a poor man).. And the lube and scrub really made the difference on it.
I of course take off the covers/chain guards and clean them properly. PO had nearly a brand new chain and brand new sprockets front and back.
Even 2 days outside and sometimes the surface looks squirrely. Its quite windy out here in Wyoming. More days blowing then not.
People tend to fall sideways when the wind doesn't blow...

Anyhow. Glad you got it fixed up!
Happy trails! Cheers!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts