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Chain and Sprockets

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So, I'll start off by posting what I know

- You SHOULD replace your chain and sprockets as a set
-The factory chain on my 2020 w/~6000 miles on it has stiff and creaky links already
-The bike comes standard with the following chain/sprocket specs(according to DennisKirk)
: --520 chain w/114 links
--15t front sprocket
--46t rear sprocket

I'm gonna have to replace the chain with how stiff the links are as soon as I get home from North GA/Western NC, but with only 5k miles are the sprockets REALLY worth replacing?

I'm also due for tires, my rear is getting a flat spot in the middle from so much highway. (No chicken strips, though, I scrubbed them off in the mountains)
I ride only street on this bike and wouldn't mind any rec's on tires.

thanks in advance for any input

(nobody likes a thread without pics)
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zoom in far enough and I think you can actually see a sticky link :(
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In 32 years/300K+ miles of street riding, I've usually (but not always) been able to replace sprockets with every-other chain replacement. I judge it by actual observed wear, not the rule of thumb. But I'm not particularly hard on my drive trains, keep my chains well-lubed and adjusted, buy top-quality chains, and don't ride off-road (though I do ride in rain, and on salty roads in winter.)
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