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Hey Throw A Leg.

I am Calgarian and interested in the Versys. It is a nice machine for what it is.

I tested one (2007 Black- poor colour for any machine, but marginally better colour than the horrible 2008 blues or reds!) for a test ride last October from Bow Cycle...but will hang tight until the paint is toned-down to a correct colour for this subtle and non-obtrusive motorcycle. Maybe silver in 2009?

Edit in: Hiya Paladin.

There are some nice hilly/twisty rides in the mountains and foothills that are sure to please any rider-visitor to Canada. My first ride through the mountains was in 1992 from Helena Montana up through Browning and Carway, Fort McLeod, Calgary and back to Edmonton. I recommend it...but maybe not in late September when I first rode it with snow covered ashfalt.
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