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Just bought one of these helmets and I have to say it is great.

Caberg helmets have been on the scene for some time and are well known for producing quality helmets that defies its price range. Being a popular helmet among adventure riders, Caberg yet again seems to be defying the helmet market when it comes to quality VS price with its dual sport flip-up helmet. But has the Caberg Tourmax flip-up adventure helmet yet again set another standard in price, safety and the feature market?

Go Anywhere

Adventure style helmets have a certain look about them. Almost future military look with a bit of sporty coolness! If you’ve ever been ‘Master Chief’ you’ll know what I’m referring to. They’re rugged looking yet maintain the sports styling. They suggest there’s a hardcore rider tucked inside just waiting to leave the tarmac at every opportunity. But the styling of enduro/adventure type helmets serve more than the purpose of looks alone, they are designed to take you places way beyond the black stuff, out of the mad rush and into the rough and the beauty of winding country roads, should you desire it.
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