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ninja framed...most everything else is versys...salvage/crashed bike 2008 year.

the motor is great, that is why I like this over my DR650

I am working to get the salvaged title changed over to a rebuilt title here in Arizona. I need to get the bike ready, then pass the State DMV Inspection.

I still need a few parts to finish putting this together.

front fender for the ninja forks....anyone got one-cheap??

I am working on getting the rear end semi-legal, and will be working on the front soon.

I will need to fab up a front mounting bracket for the headlight.
Guess I will mount up the Buell Double.

I have been reading about jdrocks, sanjoh, tonymorr and others.

I like that light bracket jdrocks made for his 2nd bike
...anyone got measurements or plans for it?

Thank you kindly
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