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Borrowed the new 300 for my commute today :-)

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Bike hasn't been lowered yet so I still get to play with it. LOL Anyway I decided to commute today on it. Distance is about 58 miles with two 3rds of that on twisty mountain roads, the rest is freeway miles. It was a little chilly, 43f at the coolest point. Im 5'11" and 200ish lbs, full gear with Bluetooth helmet and music. I have the rear shock on the softest setting and there is hardly any sag when I sit on the bike. The rear suspension felt about right the entire ride. I could probably tighten it up one notch from softest but Ill leave it for now.

The bikes sweet spot seems to be 55 to 60 mph, the motor is hardly working, its buttery smooth and very little if any vibrations. 60 to 65 is Ok, 70 is where things start to get revy, noisy and windy. 75 to 80 just really wasn't all that enjoyable with the stock windscreen and the engine sitting at 10,000 rpm LOL. In town unless you come to a complete stop there is no need to shift below 3rd gear. The bike is almost more fun to short shift at 7000 or so and roll back in the throttle. Its a good thing we are getting old and speed is no longer a requirement for enjoyment. Seriously, anymore I enjoy poking around country roads at 50 mph or less as much as any other kind of riding. I think I averaged about 60ish MPG for this leg.


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Seems like I鈥檓 always in expedite mode on the way to work, but 80+mph seems to beat the time clock every day. I spend a fair amount of time WOT. Really, this little engine doesn鈥檛 care and takes everything I throw at it without a whimper. Sometimes I鈥檒l see 3 digits when the road opens up. Handles great too. There鈥檚 2 nice big turns on the off ramp dumping into the parking lot. Good spot to practice cornering skills and the highlight of my day. After burning thru those I stick my arms out for a little air braking before darting right into the parking lot.
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That鈥檚 awesome Ken 馃憤馃憤
Yeah, mine鈥檚 a ninja with upright ergo鈥檚. I noticed it鈥檚 lots of fun on dirt roads too. Haven鈥檛 really found the right place to go beyond that yet. But I grew up on a dirt bike. I know what to do when I get there. I like the 300cc governor. It limits the stupidity of the driver.
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