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I'm taking a chance here to see if the rider I spotted this morning in Port Dalhousie is even a peruser of this forum.

I have not seen one other Versys on the road since I bought mine last May (9000 km). But, this morning at about 11:30 ish in Port Dalhousie (it's near St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) I round the downhill bend into Port Dalhouse and I spot a bike at the parking lot at the restaurant next to the Tim Hortons. I looked again and it was Black Versys. Which means definitely Canadian and an 07 model.

I was riding with my passenger on my blue Versys in my Black and Yellow TourMaster outfit. It's a crazy day on Saturdays down in this area and I didn't have the opportunity to turn around for a chat. I did beep my horn and got the riders attention - she looked up (looked like a woman from where I was - no offense if I got the gender wrong) and I pointed to my Versys and she got the idea why I was honking. (Honestly, I was not going for a pickup - not with my partner on the back). I gave her the thumbs up and had to motor on.

If you are out there and a member of this forum (big chance) - HELLO!
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