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Sorry guys , dont mean to offend anyone but this is my best post/thread for 2010. Cant stop laughing every time I open this one.

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Default Looking for a GPS
I know, I know....yet another GPS thread.

Here's the deal: I want a GPS that meets the following criteria:

- Large screen (4.6"+)*
- Bluetooth*
- Fairly bright screen*
- Free Map Updates
- Free Traffic Alerts
- Inexpensive (less than $150)*

*=Must have

I have looked around a bit, but I wanted to get someone's take on one they have actually used. Sure I would like to have a Garmin Zumo, but it just isn't in my budget. Any help here is greatly appreciated.


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yeah Im looking for the never empty beer glass too....

I know people who use car GPS's, two have had tro replace those as they suffered from vibration damage meaning they failed.

free map updates, I don't know of any that do free map updates for life, I've seen some that have traffic updates bundled in, some they are an extra.

personally I'd suggest you pony up and get a GPS designed for the bike, which can also be used in a car. I use a Zumo 550, the newer 600 serries zumo's seem less bulky. the 550 came with bike & car mounts. its been dropped numerous times, its been out in the rain, occasionally its been hard to read in the sun but so far its never really let me down.

in short yer gets what yer pays for


What is your best thread/post for 2010 or something that make a memory worth remembering about in 2010.


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I think it's along the lines of that MTV song, with the OP wanting:

"GPS for nothin',
and the chicks for free."

or somethin' like that.:D
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