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Me and Mark took our final High Sierra Ride for the season yesterday. Forest Service will be closing roads soon as the snow begins to fall. As you can see from the pics that the Sierra's are completely devoid of the white frosting due to the drought out West. Hopefully that will change soon.

Out of Bass lake we headed north on Beasore road up to the meadows. Quick stop at the old Jones Store for a helmet off break. Jones is now closed for the winter but is a favorite stop for their amazing burgers when they are open.

The rock peak is appropriately called "Eagle Beak" and it is a sight to behold. A true freak of nature. The burn area is above and around Mammouth Reservoir. The fire roared thru there about 3 years ago. A real shame cuz the area was a Sierra Disneyland before the fire turned it into a moon scape.

The spine of the Sierra's shots show Mammouth mountain where the big ski area is located and to the West/left of it is Ritter ridge which includes Mt. Ritter. The deep canyon is the San Juaquin river canyon with it's head waters up near Mammouth mountain.

Did about 160 miles in temps from upper 40's in the morning to the high 70's in the afternoon. Elevation ranging from round sea level to aroung 7000 feet. Guess you could call it a perfect Indian summer day.


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