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Based on photos posted by actar911, I got an Axio tail bag. The original thread is here:


I have it attached for quick removal, but the velcro straps can be connected under the seat and hidden away.

This is a seriously nice tail bag. It looks as though it were made for the Versys. The color is a very close match to Passion Red, just a little bit darker but not noticeable. It has two small zippered compartments under the hard top and the carrying strap is built into its own compartment at the end. Very trick. Axio even includes a mesh strap which they claim will hold a helmet strapped onto the top of the bag, but I am a bit leery of that claim. Still, it is a free mesh bungie.

I also need to give props to newenough.com for their excellent service. I bought a Cortech seat bag but its bottom bunched up when strapped to the Versys. NewEnough took my return with no hassles and even gave me a few extra dollars (their 110% return policy) to get something else from them. Needless to say, NewEnough will continue to get my business. Good folks.


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