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We are setting up a rental property and have an Apple TV. The property management people tell us this is a big draw these days. I've never owned an Apple TV before so I have no idea how to manage the privacy issues.

We anticipate weekly to month long rental during the ski season.

This device will be used to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple media. The tv itself doesn't support Netflix or Amazon, but it does support most other apps. Currently we use the tv to stream everything except those 2, which we access via the DVD player. It gets confusing figuring out which menu to go to for which streaming app. It would be simplest if the AppleTV were used for all streaming apps rather than having some on it and others on the main tv menu.

There is also cable tv and a dvd player hooked up.

The idea is for the tenants to sign in with their own AppleID for any iTunes content they have, and they'd use their own accounts for Netflix and Amazon (and ESPN, HBO, etc etc). Then clear it out when they leave.

Is there an easy way to leave all the basic apps loaded in the AppleTV but signed out so that the new tenants could just enter their own account info and watch? Or will we have to wipe the unit between tenants and then have them download all the apps again under their own AppleID?

I don't want to leave my AppleID on there. Might it make sense to have a different AppleID just for that unit with no credit card attached (so there could be no purchases)?

This is probably all pretty simple, right?
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