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I'm trying to help out Phot, who plans a two week trip here in June. He'll be flying in on June 11th and out June 25th, most likely from Washington DC. Parameters are:
Rented bike (probably Harley) 2up with the Mrs.
300 mile days or less.
Scenic trip with few superslab miles.
Avoid riding the same road twice (This is the hard part).
Some small town shopping for the Mrs.
Maggie Valley rally 14th-16th
No planned stops, just ride 'till done for the day and find a place to stay.

I have what I believe to be a good week out (see below), but am struggling to find a good week back. Any help from the locals would be appreciated. I'm thinking some TN River Valley, KY Snake and Cumberland Falls, and WV 219 but don't know how to tie them in together for a one week trip.
Also, what are some "must see" places on this route?

Here's what I have so far:
June 11- Arrive in DC, pick up bikes, visit the National Mall
June 12th - I-66 west to Front Royal, Skyline Dr. south to Blue Ridge Pkwy, Stop around Buena Vista? (about 240 miles)
June 13th - Blue Ridge Pkwy south to Jonas Ridge area? Stop for lunch at Mabry Mill (about 260 miles)
June 14th - BRP to Hwy 19 to Maggie Valley (About 140 miles)
June 15th - Rally Day - HWY 19 to BRP, BRP to Smokey Mtn Nat. Park., Newfound Gap Rd. to Gatlinburg (Drop of wife for lunch/shopping), Back to Little River Rd to 321, 321 to Foothills Pkwy, Foothills Pkwy to 129, 129 (The Dragon) to 28, 28 to 143, 143 to 129, back to Gatlinburg and Maggie Vally the way you came. (About 290 miles)
June 16th - 19w to 28w to 143w to Robbinsville, 143w (Cherohala) to 68 south, 68 s to GA 60, 60 to 180 to 348 to Helen. (about 220 miles)
June 17th - Shop Helen, ride local, romantic evening?
June 18th - ??? 75n to 17n to NC 64w to TN 411 to ???
June 19th - ???
June 20th - ??? Cumberland Falls, KY Snake ???
June 21st - ???
June 22nd - ???
June 23rd - ? WV 219n to 55e ?
June 24th - ? I-66 to Washington DC, turn in bikes, visit National Mall
June 15th - Fly home

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That’s a nice trip. Send them to Leesburg for shopping and then stop in Floyd VA off of the BRP for shopping for the little lady for sure. Lots of great shops and good food and bluegrass music. A Harley and 300 mile days! It will take him a month to stop vibrating:)

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Upon return, might making your way north to VA 83 in Clinwood, VA, staying 83 to WV Rt 16 N between War and Caretta, then picking up Rt 16 N into WV into Beckley. Great riding. Can easily make way to Rt 219N at Lewisburg (in the running for America's best small town)...shop away in small upscale shop heaven next day, spend night [Brier Inn/Quality Inn or the General Lewis Inn are good] continue north next day and still get the best leg of 219. Rt 16 N puts the south end of 219 to shame for good riding.

Or depending on your Rt north, picking up either WV 16N near Bishop (Tazewell, VA) or 19 N out of Princeton, WV...both are better riding than the south leg of 219N

Just some food for thought.
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