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Another 'short' ride on 01 June.

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It's been raining here in the Okanagan part of BC quite a bit, so when last Wednesday started sunny I decided to go for a ride N along Lake Okanagan, then further, to Yankee Flats. Part of the route goes by a farm where the owner made a 'wind-sock' of Snoopy piloting a WW1 aircraft, but for this year he has 'updated' the paint job. Here's the OLDER one

IMG_0207 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

and the CURRENT one.

IMG_1671 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

I stop for lunch beside a creek (running pretty high right now!).

IMG_1668 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

Between the lunch-stop and Snoopy I saw this

IMG_1669 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

which I figure happened during the winter.

IMG_1673 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

I rode thru a couple of light showers before arriving home after about 4 hours to ride 192.2 kms.

by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

Nice to be out riding...!


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Awesome scenery. Except for the truck:(
I didn’t think litter was so much a thing in Canada?
Here's a better pic of that wrecked car (NOT a truck). I have no knowledge, but bet it happened over the winter.

Icy road, or impaired driver...? Or BOTH...?

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...Will it remain there forever? Or now that winter is over, maybe it'll be cleared...?...
I can't answer THAT, except to say that I've seen other crashed cars that 'stayed there' for quite awhile....
In the pic I posted, you can see that the rear wheel on the NEAR side is 'long-gone'.

it’d be stripped down, chopped up, and scrapped out overnight around here. We have lot of “environmentalists” around Detroit.
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