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This just proves that you do not have to go far to have fun. First Richard and I go and visit Dale and have a good time. Richard is a great story teller and his views on things are great. Put him with Dale and it is amazing to hear all about what is going on in Suches and the world. We stayed to around 10am and headed back to Suches where I met up with Pete and JC. We head out across 180 and going down the other side find this guy laying in a ditch with his V-Strom. At first I just thought he might be having sex with it but realized that he had crashed. We helped him out of the ditch and the reason he wrecked was pretty funny. There was a piece of green water hose laying in the road and he thought it was a snake. Now instead of running over what he thought was a snake he just hit the bank. Hit a snake or hit the bank which should I do?
We get back on the road and head for Richard Russell. Pretty dead except for all the bicycle riders. Half of Ga. must have been on it. I could tell by the look on their faces just how much fun they were having. We make a loop on some back roads I know and went to Riders Hill for lunch. They have some great hotdogs.
We then take Black Mountain Road back to 60 and head off to Suches. Running at a pretty fast clip. Get about half way up we ran upon a wrecked bike and a deputy was standing on the side of the road. We did not have time to slow down so we just kelp hauling ass. He waved at us ,or I think he was waving and we went on to Suches.
T.W.O. looked full and we went on over to Dales. Most of the usual crowd was there. Tom and Kristen were there and two strange people from the BSB forum that I had seen before but had never met. Earnest and Ilene were there. Now it is confusing because when you see Earnest you try and figure out how such a beauty has Earnest for a forum name. Then you have Ilene ,I know his board name is his bike's name. Now if you did not know that it would be screwed up. Now there was talk about changing his board name to Frog Legs. It was rumored that he rode his Buell with his legs sticking out like a frog. I do not know so I cannot say for sure. We hung around for a while and then went down to Skennah Creek and visited with the ZRX folks before calling it a day. Another fine day in the mountains of north Ga. :thumb:
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