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Yesterday was forecast to be mostly sunny, high at 19C (66F), so I figured it was time to "blow this pop-stand" and head out on my V650.

Suited-up, then threw a bagel and an apple into the 'bags', mounted-up at 1020 - headed MOSTLY S and E, but first along the Old Vernon Rd behind the Kelowna Airport,

IMG_0461 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

continuing E on some twisty roads till BC 33, then followed it S to the town of Beaverdell. A bit cool, heated grips at medium, but the road was generally moving quickly w/out much sandy spots! First stop was in Beaverdell - just in case, I stopped at the General Store to see IF I could buy my usual ice-cream cone, but ALAS social-distancing meant NO ice-cream cones, but I could rest on their chairs outside and have the snack I'd brought!

IMG_0462 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

IMG_0463 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

I saddled-up again, started N, but HAD to stop for a pic of the other ice-cream shop a few yards N of the General Store.

IMG_0464 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

About 10 kms (6 miles) N is the ONLY spot where you can 'spy' the BIG WHITE Ski Hill w/out forging your way UP the 24 km highway I used when I posted #165 in "What did you do on your Versys today". It's ALSO a VG view of the "Hill"...!

IMG_0466 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

Midway between that view, and Kelowna is our 'local' eighth mile drag strip - Thunder Mountain. [THAT is NOT the ski-hill in the distance.]

IMG_0467 by Ed Copeman, on Flickr

From there to home is a series of descending twisties, fairly 'high' speed and fun, and I pulled into my garage at 1430 - four hours for a 191 km (119 mile) ride, bit coolish, but fun nonetheless! Time for a brewski...!

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