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It is such a good feeling when out riding and your bike is in top form. Every thing just seems to work better.

One area of importance for top form is your wheel alignment. There are several methods that folks employ to accomplish this. Some are better than others and I think I have tried them all. I even tried using a couple of pieces of angle iron instead of string. Though great in theory the problem was the iron was not perfectly strait. I recently refined my favorite method and the result is fantastic. My bike feels like it is on rails. Let go of the bars at any speed and she tracks as true as the Burlington Northern on a long strait.

Here is a recent link to my favorite method using a laser level. What I now do is use a metal rule at the front wheel instead of a stick with a mark. I also rotated the level to rest on it's side with the bottom touching the sides of the rear tire as this produced a more accurate line when checking both sides of the bike. While this sounds a bit technical and complex it really is not. Of all the methods I have tried this one is by far the quickest and easiest. More importantly it is by far the most accurate.

For those who wonder why I go to such measures to set wheel alignment, it is because the reference marks on the swing arm are not totally accurate for proper wheel alignment.

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