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Some good, helpful web links for Versys Fan's

Yep! I think it would be helpful and of interest to old and new members of this forum alike. These links are just basic suggestions and we could build this based on Versys applications, any Canadian or International links are welcome too. I'll update the list as we go along. Here's my basic suggestions to include:

Luggage and Cases for Motorcycles
Givi Cases and Windshields - Versys Specific Page
Adventure Motorcycle Equipment / Caribou Cases
Happy Trails Motorcycle Products - Versys Specific Page - Engine Guards and Skid Plates here too
Adventure Moto Stuff - Givi Cases, windshields and lots more
Helen Twowheels Packing Systems

Windshields for Motorcycles
National Cycle - Versys Specific Page
Cee Bailey's Motorcycle Products - Versys Specific Page
Parabellum LTD. - Look for link to Versys Screen on left side of home page

Note! Versys Standard Tire Size is: Front 120/70-17, Rear 160/60-17​

Michelin North American Corporate Site
Continental Corporate Site
Dunlop Corporate Site
Metzeler Corporate Site (U.S)
Shinko U.S. Corporate Site
Sportbike Track Gear - Michelin Retail store
Motorcycle Tire Superstore - Tire Retailer
Tires Unlimited - M/C Tire Retail Store
Southwest Moto Tires - M/C Tire Retail Store
Blue Streak Racing - Tires and more. BSR is highly recommended by Canadian Versys Owners

Parts & Farkles

Motowerk - Speedy's lowering kits for the Versys and lots more
TwistedThrottle - Versys Specific Page
Kawasaki Parts Nation Main Page - OEM Versys Parts Page
Howell Powersports Main Page -OEM Versys Parts Page
Bike Bandit.com Main Page - OEM Versys Parts Page
Superbike Store - Windshields, Hugger's and more for the Versys
Harbor Freight - Link to the rear stand that you use with spools (10mm)
Ridewarehouse-Home of the Aerostitch!
RideSafer.com - Lots of great Motorcycle safety equipment
SunStar counter shaft and rear sprockets for the Versys
Amsoil - Synthetic Motor Oil
Motorcycle Ramps.Com - Ramps, Stands and more
Whitehorse Gear - Motorcycle books, clothing, gear and lots more

Great Bike Websites and Forums

Versys UK Forum - You have to register to use.
Adventure Rider- A great Dual-Sport site for all of you FF's !
Total Motorcycle.com Forum
David Stafford's Comprehensive Motorcycle Link Site - Hours of great reading here
Rounders - Ride year round? This is the group for you
Clutch & Chrome - Free Online Motorcycle Magazine
Pashnit Motorcycle Forum

Kawasaki Corporate Site

Kawasaki Versys Page

National Motorcycle Organizations

American Motorcyclist Association (The AMA)

Motorcycle Safety Websites

Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Accident Scene Management - A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist
Motorcycle Safety and Dynamics - Lots of good info and a great forum here too
Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center - Who says Government can't do good things? Great site with lots of good tips

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I remember when you posted that Ivan. I still think it might be a good idea and I'm home from work today and bored! So I'm going to play with it some more and I'll include links that help our friends "across the pond" too!
Just playing with this as a basic idea yet of what to include so stand by...
Been working on this all afternoon while sipping a cold beer and watching the Philadelphia Phillie's kick my Colorado Rockies A$$ in the baseball playoff game...

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There are a few of those threads already. They seem to pop up ever' so often. I guess the reason some of us don't seem interested is we've seen it a few time already.

Sorry, not trying to rain on anyone's parade...
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