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Well, I'm not amazing, just very average... but then, you don't know me.

I never met Steve I. Saw him on TV often enough and thought "one day
this man will regret treating dangerous animals with too little respect".

To be honest, I always thought the character he portrayed on TV was a dickhead...

In real life he may have been a good man and his on TV persona was perhaps
just motivated by the Producers of "his" show.

Knowing Steve I as you did, you'd know the answer to that far better than me.
Very much the same person in real life. Do anything for you. Extremely gregarious and passionate. I enjoyed our interactions while filming. First met him while he got a brown out of my truck. Figured that’s how he’d die someday. I think he sometimes was a bit too comfortable and tempting of fate too. 😳 Paul Hogan may fit your impression of Steve a bit closer.

Off to the studio. Have an awesome day!

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Fair enough. Ive not met Paul H either.

The first time I saw Paul Hogan was on "Kevin Dennis New Faces".
It was a talent show on TV in the late 60s early 70s.

The show was a bit like "The Gong Show"

He did a comedy act...putting a 31 gallon galvanized steel
garbage can over his head/torso.
Apart from the garbage can all you could see was his legs
and hands. In one hand he had a large stick which
he proceeded to beat the side of the garbage can with
and he danced to the "beat".

I was a chronically, grossly depressed and subjugated little boy,
but I laughed and literally rolled on the floor and laughed because
of Pauls act.

For that brief moment of joy in an ocean of wanting to be dead, I love Paul H.
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