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Hello everyone. It's nice to meet you all.

Currently I don't own a Versys, hoping to get one soon once I can acquire a new job. I drive a 2004 Ninja EX250 at the moment, but being about 6'4" it's just kinda small after a while, also I want to do some touring soon and the ninja can't really do that well xD

I've been lurking on the forums here for a while now but decided I'd try to join in on discussions to give me something to do and to meet some new people.

Can't wait to get a Versys soon :D haha

ps. on a side not about my username you just refer to it with Phox, the meh part is meant to be a "I am" thing saying "I am Phox" and it took me a while to realize people can misinterpret xD
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