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I think people who say they want cruise control dont give further thoughts on this
1. It will increase the price
2. It will require some redesign and a new ECU
3. How good the cruise control will be? I.e Versys 1000 basic cruise control and Ninja's adaptive cruise control is worlds apart so is the price.
4. How much you will actually use it? It doenst work on low speeds and here in UK on motorways, you always end up changing your speed to take over, more so in wide 3-4 lane roads. Unless you want to cruise below speed limits i.e. 60-65 then yeah just it works
5. How technically is it possible? How many bikes are there with 649cc or less than have cruise control? Its always bigger and big bikes
Cruise control is a very attractive option and a huge selling point to a lot of riders. I added it to my bike and use it EVERY time I ride at some point during the day. If I bought a bike that didn't have it, I would immediately add it again.
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