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Well today I finally managed to take a bit of a longer trip. And while it started in nice hot humid Halifax it got cooler and on the way back hit some heavier rain and wet roads. No Problems at all, and it wasn't heavy enough and long enough to get through the Ixon gear I had on, the rain protection layer did it's job.

Since it was the first trip with an extended stretch on the Hwy on speed exceeding 100km/h (62 mph) I also found out that I definitely need to do something about the windshield, and maybe get a quieter helmet (oh and not forget to get some good earplugs).

And lastly I will have to try a few more longer trips to make that decision but I think I will have to look at getting a new seat or improving the stock one, although I would like to keep an original anyway.

Can't wait to start taking some longer 2 day trips and do some camping. And take more pics while on those trips.
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