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Other than the seat I like the bike . Well there's is the placement of the oil filter/header designed to drool oil all over the place, I used the tin foil trick and it really cuts it down. The oil looked better than at 200 mile on the first change, less flakes and stuff in it as you'd think.

Only other change was a set of Aprillia mirrors so I could see better.

I have been winding it up a bit higher and harder. The V is really just starting to pull hard about the time my KLR quits! 6000 grand the the KLR's ready for bed BUT the Versys is just getting started. Surprising that a "little" 650 can pull as hard as it does and still be ridable at lower RPMs. :thumb:

The Givi V35 look good BUT give me a set of 1520 Pelican to haul junk in as they hold more due mainly shape and are tougher than a $2.00 steak! :D

I hope time will take the edge off the vibs of the motor as it is a numbing after a bit.

Still have to order that peg lowering kit. Need to do so today as the long ride I did yesterday left my knee a bit stiff, no where near as bad as the Buell did though. Old age Sucks!
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