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Hi all. Seems I'm not the only one having early September hard case blues, just saw the post above.

I lowsided my 2016 650 LT on a curve in W Va a couple weeks ago. I'm fine (thanks, ATGATT!), bike is fine except some abrasion and I bent the handlebars ( no big deal) and broke the mounting tabs off the LEFT hard case.

So I'm curious if I might find a replacement out there somewhere - maybe some one broke a right side and has the LEFTover (see what I did there lol), or any ideas on sourcing. Kawasaki itself is almost $900 a set; "that's more than I want to pay for this muffler." Could possibly migrate to aftermarket hard or soft cases if I get in that range.

I would also like to know if the cases and mounting system were the same on the 650 and the 1000? I may have found a new take off set from a 1000, but it's not local so I can't test fit. Kawasaki telephone support said yes, given the models, but I'd love user input. Likely to trust it more, tbh.

Thanks much, in advance

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