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Hi friends,

greetings from India :)

Not sure if its allowed this way, but like to share couple of updates from my bike:

1) Tyre change:
Last month, changed the tyres to Timsun 712 (in stock sizes). Products Size ? TIMSUN
The stock one Dunlop Sportmax had gone pretty bad, shape had changed, and did about 12500 KM.
Timsun tyres (a Chinese brand) is getting quite popular in India, and many have been using it in our Versys group too. They are ply based. I choose the more grippy / button 712 model - very good for offroad / gravel situations. And many of my other colleagues are using T-659: more like a road/offroad combo one. The T-712 are quite replica of the Pirelli MT60, but at almost half the cost :) The expected life is about 15-18K KM! Soon will find some time to compile my video of tyre installation.

2) Trip with new tyres:
With the new tyres last month did a 350 KM trip. The initial few KM were like getting used-to & break-in. The monsoon was bit extended, experienced few wet patches. As my other colleagues had reported already, Timsun 712 tyres are not very good on wet roads, but still better than stock ones. However on the dry patch, the bike was performing superb. There is a bit of bouncy feel (due to button pattern), but that should be fine. I even did some trail off-road steep during my return journey, they tyres were good.
I have compiled this trip in a video, hope you guys like it.

3) Two days back I changed the Engine oil. This time I used Amsoil Metric 10w40. This oil is used by many of our Versys group members, all are giving just awesome reviews. With my short rides, I also felt the engine has become very lively and the gear changes are just butter smooth. I used the ISON-303 oil filter, and previously I had used the HiFlo-303 filter, both comes at same rate in India.

4) After the oil change, I noticed Check Engine Light stays ON. Not sure what is the issue. Using the self diagnostic method, the console reports error code 21 (crankshaft sensor wiring open / close). The bike is running fine. Yday I opened the tank and try to see if any wiring was damaged, didnt find any. I will give the bike to workshop for checking the matter, and report here. Any inputs most welcome!

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