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Just read this on ADVRIDER.COM and curious as to whether any of you have tried this? I've not gone out to look at the set-up, but these instructions are a little confusing. Any clarification would be appreciated.

JH in OH

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Has anyone tried any of the aftermarket replacement windshields available? I have a 2015 Versys 650 LT, and love the bike, but would like it better with a taller shield, and would like to keep the handguards, which seem to interfere with a larger (wider) shield. I found one that was made by a company called Piug, (http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/puig-touring-windscreen-kawasaki-versys-6501000-2015), and after reading the reviews one person said his hand guards bump into the larger fairing at full lock. I did some measuring and can see how this would happen. There are 2 other options I could find, one made by Givi, that says it is designed for the 650 LT, therefore I would hope they realize the problem with the wide fairing bumping into the handguards at full lock, and another one is the MRA VarioTouringScreen For Kawasaki Versys 650 LT & ABS '15-'16 & Versys 1000 LT '15-'16, it looks like it should work, but is more expensive. Sorry if this is already talked about in the thread, but it is getting really long, although I did try to search on the thread.

Some have tried, myself included, raising the stock screen so the top-most stop is actually above the windscreen bracket (you'll need to loosen the adjustment knobs almost all the way,
and be mindful to keep the shims/washers in place, you'll see em).
The screen is plenty stable in this position and quiets things considerably for me around my helmet. Not perfect, but better.
It also allows slightly more air under the screen to benefit venting in the heat but not enough to ruin the protection in colder weather.
I run mine this way now and it's free
I saw that comment on Revzilla. I can't speak for the 650, but I have a 2017 V1000 and installed that same screen, Puig 5999. No obstruction at any height adjustment at full lock.
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