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As the Gen 3 650s use the same wind-shield as the 1000s, here's MY take:

I am about 5' 10" w/ a 31" inseam, and have a Puig 5999 which (apparently) was causing me to have a sore neck from tilting my head to look OVER it, set at its lowest, so I re-installed the OEM a few weeks before my recent 25 day cross-Canada ride, set at its HIGHEST setting, but NOT over the top of the mount.

My 'sore-neck' went away, so I did the ride w/ the OEM shield set that way, and over 13,950 kms (8,668 miles) w/ LOTS of rain, etc - it worked just FINE! My helmet had bugs MOSTLY above the shield, there was NO buffeting, so IF anyone's interested in a 'dark-smoke' PUIG 5999, send me a PM. Fits BOTH the 650 and the 1000.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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