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I am looking at picking up a bike for 2up touring and i've read great things about the Versys 1000. Current ride is a V-strom 1000 which works great as long as I don't have the side cases on, they dig into mywifes leg something awful. They actually sit much higher then the seat, so getting on and off is a bit harder as well.

Anyways trying to decide between 2 bikes, both very low mileage (17.500km)

2013 - Kawasaki panniers and top box (pretty sure it's actually givi), givi windscreen, GPS holder, New Pilot Road 4 tires, new battery, center stand $5500 canadian
2015 - Kawasaki panniers and top box, fog lights, gear indicator, heated grips, new battery. $8500

I am not seeing much in way way of mechanical changes, some engine refinements, slightly better suspension on the 2015. My main concern though is pillion comfort and I don't see that addressed anywhere. The 2015 looks like it might leave some more leg room, but the bags also look smaller. Anyone with some insight on how these two bikes might compare for 2up travels? The 2013 seems like a wicked deal compared to the 2015.
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