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Howdy y'all...

Well, I reluctantly sold by 2010 Versys earlier this year, and with it went the 17" / 19" wheelset that I used for more offroady riding. Time to clean out the shed, so up for sale are the stock wheels.



Tires are old, so think of them as 'round the neighborhood testers, and plan on swapping them soon. Plenty of tread left, just old.

Wheels have in the range of 35k miles on them - hard to tell exactly from my maintenance logs, as I swapped back and forth from the 17"/19" set that wore TKC70's.

Brake disks are OEM and in very good shape. Sprocket is SUPERLITE RS7 Steel Sprocket 45T and is usable for a bit longer. Includes all the spacers, bearings, etc - ready to install and ride. Handy metal 90° valve stems in both wheels.

$250 for pickup in Central Austin, or I can deliver to somewhere in the immediate area. I'm willing, but not eager, to ship to CONUS.
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