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If anyone is running one of these, I would like to hear what your settings are, and what pipe/air filter you are running. Interested in all settings but particularly mode one.

I recently picked one up very cheap, and just installed it a week back. Have been playing with the settings a bit, mostly in an attempt to eliminate the occasional Popping on closed throttle deceleration. It's not a typical consistent pop pop. It's more like a single loud pop every 5-15 min that I had been getting since replacing the stock muffler. Less frequent if I drive more casually.

I have a Thrush Turbo Muffler (almost identical to Cherry Bomb) and stock air filter. The 2 bros stock setting did nothing to quiet down the pops. At 3.5 in mode one now, and it only pops occasionally. Last ride of an hour in length it did it only once at the end of the ride, and that was with me trying to make it pop for most of teh ride (i.e. revving up and coasting down on closed throttle). It kind of grumbled a few times where it would normally pop, so I figure Im close, but the one pop it let out was abig one. It startles the hell out of me when it does it. Will try 4, then 4.5 until it stops, or performance starts to degrade due to being rich. So far at 3.5 it feels great, but I'm surprised I need to set it that high considering the stock 2bros setting was 1 on that mode. It's adjustable in .5 increments to a max of 8, but I don't know what each .5 represents as a percentage increase based on the stock setting.

I haven't played with the other modes as they feel great to me. My pair valve is plugged, TB mod and vacuum port mods done.

Any info for this thing I can grab that might help would be appreciated.
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