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  1. General Discussions - V-650
    Hi, I bought my versys 650 2008 yesterday, and today I got hit behind in a redlight. I need a braking tail light, passenger sidebars, rear black plastic that holds the signal lights, and the rear black plastic that holds the braking tail light for a Kawasaki Versys 650, year 2008. I will upload...
  2. How-To Forum
    Hi I live in Thailand and want to buy a skid plate for my V650: I found a guy around 300 miles away who advertises having made them for the latest generation of V650s - my bike is 2013 2nd generation. Communication will be difficult and I'm slightly concerned that a plate made for a 3rd gen...
  3. General Discussions - V-650
    I saw this video from Yammienoob that made me laugh. šŸ¤£ httpss://youtu.be/bO8pu2CkT20 According to him the Versys is the 2nd most dorky motorcycle, according to me it is the king of Kawasaki's 650 range. Whats dorky about going on a long distance adventure in comfort? What do you guys think?šŸ¤”
  4. Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am Jared (hence the name) and I recently started riding about a month and half ago after buying my 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650. I know what some of you are thinking, a 650 is a bit big for a starter bike. Believe me, I know but given my stature (6'4, 200) options are limited. I...
  5. Member Introductions
    Hi, New to this forum. Have bought a Kawasaki versys 650 white 2016 a month ago and have been commuting to work with it since. Likes: riding position general look of the bike the need exhaust tucked under the engine good space for pillion adjustability not so much: power... wished it was a...
  6. Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! My names Caden and I recently just purchased my first bike (2009 Versys 650 13k miles) and developed a liking for this lifestyle instantly. I live in the greater Los Angeles area and although the traffic gets bad nothing beats a nice ride up the coast. Anyways I'm looking forward...
  7. Member Rides
    This has been moved to: https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/162-general-discussions-v-650/216949-13-day-solo-trip-across-us-versys.html#post1579205
  8. Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hello everybody I have a 2007 Versys 650 (bought a month ago and have not found a manual yet). As of yesterday the front light does not work. All other light work (the two goofy ones on the side, high-beam, turn signals). DO I need to remove the fairing to check the bulb? What do I have to do...
  9. Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, Hope every body here is having fun. Greetings from canada. Just recently bought a 2014 kawaski versys 650 from a fellow rider and been riding for it for 3 weeks now. I'm not sure if i can post questions immediately after joining the forum, but here it goes. I bought the SW -...
  10. Member Introductions
    I've been looking into Adventure Touring bikes for some years, and finally couldn't stand it and grabbed a Versys. I previously owned a 1980 Honda CX 500 from the mind 1990's until 2004 when it croaked. It was an old, heavy, and slow road bike; really just a "grocery getter" for my use. After...
  11. Member Introductions
    Hello All, I'm ShadowsRyderV, I own a 2015 Versys 650LT & was recommended to come on here by StormRider for advice and discussion with other Versys owners. I'm interested in doing a couple of mods to my bike. First and foremost, protection. I want some guards that will protect the majority of...
  12. Member Introductions
    Hey y'all! New member here reporting in from the NYC area. Happy and enjoying a lot the new member of the family - can't wait to get over the break-in period, so I'll have to escape to the Catskills this weekend (hopefully). Picture of the new bike: And a mandatory GIF given the title of my...
  13. Member Introductions
    Im Danny, I just purchased a Versys 650. Would like to add my bike to the pile of Versys 650s with an oil leak from the water pump. I am in the process of rebuilding my water pump now. Grrr
  14. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Found these on aliexpress.com , and I like the looks Does anyone know where they bolt on ?? ...yes on a Kawasaky Versys... seriously.. :grin2:
  15. Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, been reading the forum for a while now. I had decided on a Versys 650 after moving and selling my 2003 Ninja 250 and doing a lot of research on this site and others. I did look at a 2009 Aprilia Shiver, nice bike but was a bit intimidating and did not want to turn without leaning at...
  16. Member Rides
    Welcome to my build and media thread. I'm in the process of plasti-dipping my V650 project now. Also working on fabbing my own tail tidy. Other mods coming soon, Kaoko Throttle lock and Motodynamic sequential tail light.
1-16 of 26 Results