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  1. For Sale
    Hi there, Selling my Versys-X 300 to fund a 4X4 project. Bought it new and Engine broken in properly (never over revved). Oil changed, Chain Cleaned & Tightened regularly myself. +-5900 miles (I do ride at least once a week so mileage will change) Never been down or ridden in dirt Maintained...
  2. Versys-X 300 Members Rides / Pictures And Videos
    Hello everyone! Here is my first video that I edited, a small trip in Israel desert. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe it would help a lot!
  3. For Sale
    Recently traded in my 2018 Versys X-300 for a 2019 Versys 650 and left the Puig touring windscreen on the 300 at trade in with the OEM windscreen in my closet for safe keeping. Has original screws, too. We'll call it $40 OBO plus shipping.
  4. Member Introductions
    Perhaps I'll begin here. I've joined the forum to gauge potential market space. I've been a fan of Kawi small engine bikes for years and years and years, and recently got myself knee deep into the Versys 300. Of course, stock Kawi bikes (small engines at least) are a bit lacking in some...
1-4 of 4 Results